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The Virtual Concerts evolved from a 2006 summer “Virtual Residency,” part of the “Virtual Cities & Oceans of If,” connecting Geumgang, Korea, New Delhi, India, Pescia, Italy and Vinalhaven Island, Maine with blogging, podcasting and emails. The project linked on-the-ground events and virtual experience, exploring long-distance collaboration and culminating in two marathon podcasts on consecutive days, each 12 hours long, in August 2006. The entire residency was documented on the Ghost Nets blog. From 2006- 8, the podcast format evolved as an on-line public think tank: the Virtual Concerts using talkshoe.com.

The Virtual Concerts were broadcast for two and a half years each Tuesday at 10: AM ET, from the Ghost Nets site.  A broad range of ecological art strategies to address global warming were discussed live in over 120 archived sessions. The sessions included other artists. Experts in a variety of fields, and over nineteen countries participated. The theoretical base of the artist’s art work has always emerged from a combination of practical observation and contemplation, research and private conversation with experts. Now those conversations are public.

Since early 2009, the Virtual Concerts II have included visuals and a larger group of live participants with desktop sharing technologies using webex technology. The Virtual Concerts II are a vehicle for SOS, the research aspect of “Gulf to Gulf.” Each public webex session is longer than the original talkshoe episodes and limited to once a month on average rather than weekly. The focus is on relationships between art, science and public policy in the age of global warming. Audio portions continue to be public and archived.

Audio links to her favorite interviews:
greenmuseum.org/ generic_content.php?ct_id=302


See all of Aviva's videos on Vimeo at :http://vimeo.com/user4960423/videos

See all of the Gulf to Gulf videos at: http://vimeo.com/groups/207996

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"Birthing A Virtual Residency" by Aviva Rahmani.
Artist Aviva Rahmani provides an overview of how attending an
ecological conference inspired a change in her work.

"Virtual Cities and Oceans of If"
Virtual Residency Blog on Global Warming
July 11-August 31, 2006 Arts and Healing Podcast:
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