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Ghost Nets by Aviva Rahmani

Ghost Nets

Aviva Rahmani purchased the site of a former coastal town dump on a fishing island, in the Gulf of Maine for Ghost Nets (1990-1991). The project restored 2.5 acres of habitat in the middle of an Atlantic seabird Class A Fly Zone, to a flourishing wetlands system and personal residence. Rahmani designed a passive solar home on the site, with Steve Robinson, AIA and created a complex uplands riparian zone garden and water buffer zones. The project was divided into three parts; 1) the Trigger Point Garden, 2) KindWind, 3) Traffic Dance. Each part was performative, transformative and explored another aspect of soil to land for the site work conceptually and practically.

“Ghost Nets, will continue during the decade of global choice, the time period during which urgent ecological choices must be made, according to many environmental groups... Rahmani gave up her sunny 2,500 square-foot loft in New York to move to a remote island off Maine with her dog and cat, a small wood stove and a party line phone. In Ghost Nets…Rahmani will examine how we abuse our natural environment and in so doing, she will seek alternative solutions. … ‘Ghost Nets addresses future survival. Human change and commitment can weave together the fragile and the primitive in nature and mankind to shelter the planet. …Rahmani will use the processes of building and collaboration during the next nine years of Ghost Nets. This will be accomplished by forming partnerships in Maine with local fishermen and by performing and documenting housekeeping tasks for her own home as part of a wider global effort.”

-December 1990 Ghost Nets press release.

In 2010, Rahmani published a handbook for ecological art restoration based on these experiences. [ learn more about the book ]


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“Lines of Demarcation” at the site, are among the ways change continues to be monitored for Ghost Nets. This cross media documentation is a continuing source of insight into restoration issues. View here.

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